Original article

Best management of patients with malignant pericardial effusion: a comparative study between imaging-guided pericardiocentesis and surgical pericardial window

Author(s): Abdul Baqi / Intisar Ahmed / Pirbhat Shams

Reviewer(s): Kenichiro Omoto

Cardiology Clinical research Surgery

Original article

Therapeutic outcomes of early and delayed ERCP and PTCD in patients with obstructive severe acute biliary pancreatitis

Author(s): Xue Ling Zhang / Jia Huan Sun / Yue Wu / ... / Pei Lin Cui

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Hideaki Kawabata / Shuji Isaji / Yen-Chun Peng

Clinical research Endoscopy Hepatology Translational research


Acute ischemic colitis associated with oral decongestant use: a systematic review

Author(s): Muhammad Hassan Naeem Goraya / Faisal Inayat / Sobaan Taj / ... / Zahid Ijaz Tarar

Reviewer(s): Hideaki Kawabata / Monjur Ahmed / Subbaramiah Sridhar

Clinical research Gastroenterology Pharmacology and toxicology

Special issue article

Noninvasive central hemodynamic monitoring in the primary care setting: improving prevention and management of cardiovascular diseases

Author(s): Troy Grogan / Marcos A. Sanchez-Gonzalez / Miklós Illyés / Syed A. A. Rizvi

Reviewer(s): Sher Ali Khan / Ranjan Kumar Sharma

Cardiovascular diseases Clinical research Translational research


Drug-induced liver injury associated with liraglutide use: a systematic review of detection, severity, causality assessment, and clinical outcomes

Author(s): Faisal Inayat / Ahmad Azeem Khan / Arslan Afzal / ... / Izzah Vasim

Reviewer(s): Rowan van Golen

Clinical research Pharmacology and toxicology

Original article

A network pharmacology and bioinformatics exploration of the possible molecular mechanisms of Fuzheng Xiaoliu Granule for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Tianyu Fan / Xi Chen / Fangming Yang / ... / Xiaoqi Chen

Reviewer(s): Perry Moerland / Luo Fang

Bioinformatics Clinical research Hepatocellular Carcinoma Translational research

Original article

Clinical characteristic of a Haitian stroke cohort and a scoping review of the literature of stroke among the Haitian population

Author(s): Axler Jean Paul / Jude Hassan Charles / Gandhi Marius Edwitch Gedner / ... / Gillian Gordon Perue

Editor(s ): Flora Kang

Reviewer(s): Marco Antonio Lobo Chaves / Tadesse Sahle Adeba / Yudi Hardianto

Brain health Clinical research

Original article

The dietary supplement Cyplexinol® alleviates joint pain in men and women

Author(s): Jacquelyn C. Pence / Michelle Stockton / Richard J. Bloomer

Reviewer(s): John E. Lewis / Jiake Xu

Clinical research Dietary supplements


Evaluation of the periodontal disease on oral microorganisms during pregnancy: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author(s): Anahita Shahi / Setareh Khosravi / Farnaz Rezvan / ... / Ali Amiri

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Dan Milstein / Hyewon Lee / Shihoko Komine-Aizawa

Clinical research Microbiology Periodontology

Original article

Trends in place of death in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: a ten-year analysis of the United States National Center for Health Statistics WONDER database

Author(s): Yousaf Hadi / Amir Humza Sohail / Emily Schiller / ... / Sarah Hadique

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Minna Purokivi / Samuel Cohen

Clinical research Healthcare Pulmonology