Original article

Bacopa monnieri supplementation has no effect on serum brain-derived neurotrophic factor levels but beneficially modulates NF-kB and CREB levels in healthy elderly subjects

Author(s): Andrew P. Keegan / Con Stough / Daniel Paris / ... / Michael Mullan

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / John E. Lewis / Koilmani E. Rajan / Kaustubh Suresh Chaudhari

Clinical research Pharmacology Translational research

Technical report

A case of colonic fecal impaction caused by excessive dietary fiber intake that was endoscopically treated with intra-fecal injection of a bowel-cleansing agent

Author(s): Hideaki Kawabata / Kojiro Nakase / Tetsuya Yamamoto / ... / Shigehiro Motoi

Reviewer(s): Jaap Kloek

Clinical research Endoscopy

Original article

Potentially harmful medication use and the associated factors among pregnant women visiting antenatal care clinics in Mbarara regional referral hospital, southwestern Uganda

Author(s): John Isiiko / Joshua Kiptoo / Tadele Mekuriya Yadesa / ... / Paul E. Alele

Reviewer(s): Semere Welday Kahssay / Rachel Kawuma

Original article

No difference in treatment outcome between patients with nodal versus extranodal diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Author(s): Saqib Raza Khan / Muhammad Afzal / Salman Muhammad Soomar / ... / Munira Shabbir Moosajee

Reviewer(s): Myrna Candelaria

Chemotherapy Clinical research Hemato-oncology Immunotherapy

Original article

A Population-based survey on inter-arch malocclusion and background determinants

Author(s): Mohsen Shirazi / Mahsa Mortazavi / Yasamin Farajzadeh Jalali / Hossein Hessari

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Raghu Devanna / Abhishek Mehta

Clinical research Dentistry Translational research

Original article

Etiological spectrum of isolated ileo-cecal ulcers in patients with gastrointestinal symptoms

Author(s): Mayank Bhushan Pateria / Anurag Kumar Tiwari / Vinod Kumar / ... / Vinod Kumar Dixit

Reviewer(s): Vishal Sharma / Jacob E Ollech / Ping Han

Clinical research Medical imaging Translational research

Original article

Endurance training and MitoQ supplementation improve spatial memory, VEGF expression, and neurogenic factors in hippocampal tissue of rats

Author(s): Hanzaleh Jafari Zadeh / Zahrasadat Roholamini / Soheil Aminizadeh / Maedeh Amiri Deh-Ahmadi

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1

Neurology Translational research