A possible novel therapeutic targets of Selinexor in acute lymphoblastic leukemia: a comprehensive review

Author(s): Pushkar Malakar / Nitin Sagar / Bandana Chakravarti / ... / Rajesh Kumar Kar

Reviewer(s): Francesco Arcioni / Massimo Berger / Daniela Damiani / Ruben C Petreaca

Cell signaling Clinical research Hemato-oncology Metabolism Translational research

Original article

Biocompatibility of calcitonin receptor fragment peptide-treated 3D-printed bone scaffolds: a muscle pouch implantation study

Author(s): Vamiq M. Mustahsan / Yanming Cai / David E. Komatsu / ... / Srinivas Pentyala

Reviewer(s): Dietmar Werner Hutmacher

Osteology Translational research

Special issue article

How do the characteristics of juvenile idiopathic arthritis affect the continuation or refusal of vaccination against diphtheria? A cross-sectional study data

Author(s): Natalia A. Lubimova / Olga V. Goleva / Susanna M. Kharit / Mikhail M. Kostik

Reviewer(s): Özgür Kasapçopur

Original article

Frequency of consumption of green leafy vegetables and prevalence of hyperglycaemia in Ankole and Teso sub-regions of Uganda

Author(s): Caroline Asekenye / Paul Erasmus Alele / Patrick Engeu Ogwang / Eunice Apio Olet

Reviewer(s): Carmine Finelli / Roberto Cannataro / Ken-ichiro Minato / Marius Emil Rusu

Clinical research Diabetes Nutrition

Original article

Association between response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy and survival outcome after radical surgery in patients with yielding pathological T2≤ and/or N+ urothelial carcinoma

Author(s): Makito Miyake / Nobutaka Nishimura / Nagaaki Marugami / ... / Kiyohide Fujimoto

Reviewer(s): Chien-Feng Li / Biagio Barone / Ruth Knüchel-Clarke / Roberto Carando

Clinical research Surgery Urologic oncology


Effectiveness of health education interventions in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome: an umbrella review

Author(s): Núria Sempere-Rubio / Sara Mollà-Casanova / Elena Muñoz-Gómez / Ferran Cuenca-Martínez

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Alexander Berezin / Ravi Shankar Reddy / Juan Bautista De Sanctis / Woochun Jun

Clinical research Medical education Neurosciences Pain