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Can short-term heart rate variability predict coronary artery disease in patients undergoing elective coronary angiography because of typical chest pain?

Author(s): Ahmed Babiker Mohamed Ali / Mohamed Faisal Lutfi / Mohamed Yusif Sukkar / Ramaze Farouke Elhakeem

Editor(s): Michal Heger

Reviewer(s): Ishag Adam / Moacir Fernandes de Godoy / John M. Karemaker

Cardiovascular diseases Cardiovascular physiology

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Evaluating the results of resistance training using ultrasound or flexed arm circumference: A case for keeping it simple?

Author(s): ... / Daniel Souza / Emily Budzynski-Seymour / Martim Bottaro / Paulo Gentil

Editor(s): Michal Heger

Reviewer(s): Gisela Arsa / Antonino Bianco

Original article

Sports participation volume and psychosocial outcomes among healthy high school athletes

Author(s): ... / Alexia G. Gagliardi / David R. Howell / Gregory A. Walker / Katherine S. Dahab

Editor(s): Michal Heger

Reviewer(s): Landon B. Lempke / Ryan Moran

Exercise physiology Psychiatry Psychology


Life on the frontlines: treating COVID-19 patients as an internal medicine resident physician in New York City

Author(s): Gurchetan Randhawa

Editor(s): Michal Heger

Reviewer(s): Michal Heger


Acetaminophen-induced apoptosis: facts versus fiction

Author(s): Anup Ramachandran / Hartmut Jaeschke

Editor(s): Michal Heger

Reviewer(s): Bharat Bhushan / George Corcoran