Original article

Influence of instrument design on postoperative pain in single visit root canal treatment - a randomized clinical trial

Author(s): Koppala Sudhakar / Chinni Suneelkumar / Anumula Lavanya / Sannapureddy Swapna

Reviewer(s): Ammar Musawi / Ashok Baskaran Veni

Clinical research Dentistry

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Retinal relaxation following membrane peeling: effect on vision, central macular thickness, and vector analysis of motion

Author(s): Marc D. de Smet / Karina Julian / Jerick Maurin / Laurent P. Jolissaint / Marco Mura

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Danilo Iannetta / Anat Loewenstein

Clinical research Ophthalmology

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Hemodilution causes glycocalyx shedding without affecting vascular endothelial barrier permeability in rats

Author(s): Bulent Ergin / Philippe Guerci / Zühre Uz / Martin Westphal / Yasin Ince / Matthias P Hilty / Can Ince

Reviewer(s): Bernhard Becker / Lawrence Diebel / Herbert Lipowski / Markus Rehm

Cardiovascular physiology Hematology

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Obese elderly with diabetes experience more pain and reduced quality of life compared to obese elderly with hypertension

Author(s): Manuela Sodré Cabral / Nuno Manuel Frade de Sousa / Ramires Alsamir Tibana / ... / Jonato Prestes

Reviewer(s): Gisela Arsa / Reuben Howden

Medical hypothesis

Rapidly online

Statins as early therapy to mitigate COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)-associated ARDS and cytokine storm syndrome – time is of the essence

Author(s): Narci C Teoh / Geoffrey C Farrell

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Hartmut Jaeschke

COVID-19 Infectious diseases Inflammation