Original article

The effect of dietary supplementation on brain-derived neurotrophic factor and cognitive functioning in Alzheimer’s dementia

Author(s): Alicia Martin / Jordan Stillman / Maria-Jose Miguez / H. Reginald McDaniel / Janet Konefal / Judi M. Woolger / John Eugene Lewis

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Ernest Dalle / Grazia D’Onofrio

Clinical research Nutrition and global health


Extrahepatic toxicity of acetaminophen: critical evaluation of the evidence and proposed mechanisms

Author(s): Stefanie Kennon-McGill / Mitchel R. McGill

Editor(s ): Hartmut Jaeschke

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Anup Ramachandran

Hepatology Liver metabolism

Original article

FXR agonism protects against liver injury in a rat model of intestinal failure-associated liver disease

Author(s): Kiran VK Koelfat / Ruben GJ Visschers / Caroline MJM Hodin / ... / Steven WM Olde Damink

Editor(s ): Rowan van Golen

Reviewer(s): Grace Guo / Sharon DeMorrow

Original article

Effects of a combination of non-pharmaceutical psychological interventions on dental anxiety

Author(s): Choon Yoong Wong / Coumaravelou Saravan / Ammar Musawi / Shou Wan Gan

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Anonymous reviewer 2 / Tom Dudding / Simon Haworth / Lisa Heaton / Jorge Oliveira / Nadya Wahba / Tuba Yildirim

Clinical research Dentistry

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Higher blood pressure and lower cardiac vagal activity in obese young individuals in supine and seated position

Author(s): André Rodrigues Lourenço Dias / Katrice Almeida de Souza / Laila Cândida de Jesus Lima de Sousa / Kamila Meireles dos Santos / Gabriel Kolesny Tricot / Jaqueline Alves de Araújo / Lucieli Teresa Cambri / Gisela Arsa

Editor(s ): Rowan van Golen

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1

Cardiovascular diseases Exercise physiology


Anti-cancer effects of aloe-emodin: a systematic review

Author(s): Brian Sanders / Anna M. Ray / Sharon Goldberg / ... / John Eugene Lewis

Reviewer(s): Abdul Aziz Mohamed Yusoff / Ileana Terruzzi