The role of TNF-α in rheumatoid arthritis: a focus on regulatory T cells

Author(s): Mark Farrugia / Byron Baron

Editor(s ): Rowan van Golen

Reviewer(s): Ines Perpetuo / Fabio Cacciapaglia / Jean Fletcher


The rush to novelty and high expectations in surgery: the case of ALPPS

Author(s): Pim B. Olthof / Erik Schadde

Reviewer(s): Jacques Belghiti / Dina Hingorani

Liver surgery and transplantation

Original article

Hemoporfin-mediated photodynamic therapy on normal vasculature: implications for phototherapy of port-wine stain birthmarks

Author(s): Wesley J. Moy / Gang Ma / Kristen M. Kelly / Bernard Choi

Reviewer(s): Albert Wolkerstorfer

Experimental surgery Photochemistry and photobiology

Original article

Prevalence, morphological variation and ossification of sesamoid bones of the forefoot: a retrospective radiographic study of 8,716 Chinese subjects

Author(s): Tao Sun / Lingxiang Wang / Haitao Zhao / Wenjuan Wu / Wenhai Hu

Reviewer(s): Kayser Yammine / AdriÃin Pablos

Clinical research Medical imaging

Original article

Evidence against a role for platelet-derived molecules in liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy in humans

Author(s): Marc Kirschbaum / Jelle Adelmeijer / Edris M. Alkozai / Robert J. Porte / Ton Lisman

Editor(s ): Rowan van Golen

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Andrea Schlegel / Nobuhiro Okohchi / Patrick Starlinger / Jeremy Meyer

Liver regeneration Platelets