Survey and critical appraisal of pharmacological agents with potential thermo-modulatory properties in the context of artificially induced hypometabolism

Author(s): Marcel C. Dirkes / Thomas M. van Gulik / Michal Heger

Editor(s ): Matteo Cerri

Reviewer(s): Kelly Drew / Anonymous reviewer 1

Experimental therapeutics Pharmacology and toxicology

Technical report

Layer-by-layer heparinization of decellularized liver matrices to reduce thrombogenicity of tissue engineered grafts

Author(s): Bote G. Bruinsma / Yeonhee Kim / Tim A. Berendsen / Sinan Ozer / Martin L Yarmush / Basak E. Uygun

Editor(s ): Rowan van Golen

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Benjamin Strücker

Experimental surgery Transplantation


Editor’s inaugural issue foreword: perspectives on translational and clinical research

Author(s): Michal Heger

Clinical research Translational research

Original article

Effects of prior exercise on glycemic responses following carbohydrate ingestion in individuals with type 2 diabetes

Author(s): Gisela Arsa / Laila Cândida de Jesus Lima / Daisy Motta-Santos / Lucieli Teresa Cambri / Carmen Silvia Grubert Campbell / John Eugene Lewis / Herbert Gustavo Simões

Reviewer(s): Emerson Pardono / Anonymous reviewer 1

Original article

Laser-assisted vascular welding: optimization of acute and post-hydration welding strength

Author(s): Dara Pabittei / Michal Heger / Marc Simonet / Sjoerd van Tuijl / Allard C. van der Wal / Ed van Bavel / Ron Balm / Bas A. J. M. de Mol

Reviewer(s): Brian Sorg