Hypoxia-preconditioning of human adipose-derived stem cells enhances cellular proliferation and angiogenesis: A systematic review

Author(s): John P. Garcia / Francisco R. Avila / Ricardo A. Torres / ... / Rachel Sarabia-Estrada

Reviewer(s): Xiaona Lu / Elizabeth A. Wahl

Original article

Development and validation of scale assessing the knowledge about breast feeding benefits and practices among antenatal and postnatal mothers in South India

Author(s): Yuvaraj Krishnamoorthy / Rajan Rushender / Ameenah Anwar Hussain Siraja

Reviewer(s): Andrys Onsman / Andy Emmanuel / Wieneke Mokkink

Breastfeeding Health care systems

Original article

Role of cancer-associated fibroblasts in oral squamous cell carcinomas, surgical margins, and verrucous carcinomas: An immunohistochemical study

Author(s): Uma Vasant Datar / Alka Dinesh Kale / Punnya Angadi / ... / Karishma Madhusudan Desai

Reviewer(s): Fatemeh Mashhadiabbas

Clinical research Oncology

Medical hypothesis

Growth factors, gene activation and cell recruitment: From intraovarian condensed platelet cytokines to de novo oocyte development

Author(s): E. Scott Sills / Samuel H. Wood

Reviewer(s): Meijia Zhang / Chao-Chin Hsu / Fady I Sharara

Reproductive health Translational research


Association of CK19 expression with efficacy of adjuvant TACE after hepatic resection in hepatocellular carcinoma patients at high risk of recurrence

Author(s): Ming-Song Wu, / Yun Ma / Kang Chen / ... / Bang-De Xiang

Reviewer(s): Hideaki Kawabata / Le-Qun Li / Roy Hajjar

Clinical research Hepatology Oncology Radiology and radiotherapy

Original article

Evaluation of NRS and NPSI pain scores in advanced ovarian carcinoma patients undergoing surgery and first-line chemotherapy

Author(s): Sinjini Sarkar / Ranita Pal / Sutapa Mahata / ... / Vilas D Nasare

Reviewer(s): Ester Oneda / Yoon-Ho Hong

Chemotherapy Clinical research Oncology

Original article

Maternal factors associated with smoking during gestation and consequences in newborns: results of an 18-year study

Author(s): Jose Miguel Sequí-Canet / Jose Miguel Sequí-Sabater / Ana Marco-Sabater / ... / Nelson Orta-Sibú

Reviewer(s): Ritesh Chimoriya


Molecular insight of dyskeratosis congenita: Defects in telomere length homeostasis

Author(s): Saeed Dorgaleleh / Karim Naghipoor / Zahra Hajimohammadi / ... / Morteza Oladnabi

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1

Diagnostics Translational research


COVID-19 associated Mucormycosis (CAM) of head and neck region: A systematic review

Author(s): Mamata Kamat / Uma Datar / Sanjay Byakodi / ... / Varsha VK

Reviewer(s): Carolina H. Pohl / Saroj Gupta / Davin Ashraf

Clinical research COVID-19 Infectious diseases

Original article

Cardiovascular involvement among collegiate athletes following COVID-19 infection

Author(s): Christle C. Guevarra / Nicholas G. Murray / Daniel Cipriani / ... / Wade Gaal

Reviewer(s): Alan H. B. Wu

Cardiovascular diseases Clinical research COVID-19