Original article

Comparative evaluation of enamel microhardness after using two different remineralizing agents on artificially demineralized human enamel: an in vitro study

Author(s): K.S. Chandra Babu / ... / J. Sai Sahiti / S. Datta Prasad / Vamsee Krishna N

Editor(s): Michal Heger

Reviewer(s): Dan Milstein / Ammar Musawi / Sunil Kumar Chinni / Lenin Babu / Rahul Rao

Dentistry Microhardness Remineralization

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Physical activity and quality of life predictors among university students with polio in India: A cross-sectional study

Author(s): Devashree Marwah / Sachin Gupta / Shankar Ganesh / Sukriti Punyal

Editor(s): Michal Heger

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 2 / Deirdre Murray

Infectious diseases Physical activity and health Psychology

Medical hypothesis

Possible causes of disparities in the risk and outcomes of COVID-19: CMV and aged immune phenotype

Author(s): Andrew P Smith / Graham Pawelec

Editor(s): Michal Heger

Reviewer(s): Paul Moss

Cardiovascular diseases COVID-19 Diabetes Immunology Virology

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Breastfeeding results in better hearing in newborns compared to bottle feeding

Author(s): Jose Miguel Sequi-Sabater / Jose Ignacio Collar-Castillo / Jose Miguel Sequi-Canet / Nelson OrtaSibu

Editor(s): Michal Heger

Reviewer(s): Georgios Faidon Korres

Otolaryngology Pediatrics

Medical hypothesis

Anti-tumor necrosis factor agents and COVID-19: A word of caution

Author(s): Gabriel Chan / Roy Hajjar

Editor(s): Michal Heger

Reviewer(s): Antonio Tursi

COVID-19 Infectious diseases Inflammation